Small Business Owner Dreams

Did you ever ask your friends who run their small business about his or her dreams? If you never do that, then you should.

I tried it once, and did you know they are have same dream?

First of all I came to my friend place, her name is Marlene, she run her business with other friends with their brand called Mariot Repair. They are run many home electronic products repair such as TV's and fridge. I start with simple question like what is your dream in business? She said that she want to get stable business even without her coming to her place.

Move to Patrick Starr the owner of furniture showroom. I also ask the same question and he said that he want to have more time to play with his children while business still running well.

Jenna Peter have different idea, she want to visit many place in the world. Travelling with few of friends, without get headache with her business.

And I think my other friend Marvin Dhaga can be Jenna travel mate, because he is also have same dream.

In the afternoon I visit La Paz Marina owner, Samuel. He also stated to me that he want to be more flexible while his business grow up everyday.

When the Wild Roby the outdoor gear rental owner said he live in his dream, business running well, he got extra time to play with kids and he can do his hobby. Maybe this make other jealous.

Eman Drinkwater who run Zen Computer is also reach the same level with Roby, with larger staff on his business now he can enjoy his life.

With that in mind, all the small business owner want to have a big business that give them profit for financial freedom. So, they are can have more time to do something they like. Some of them reach that level, while other still struggling to get in the place. Which one are you?